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Intelligent promotion kickstarts and supercharges the bestselling journey of your book.

Book promotion is an enviable combination of art and science, marrying advanced data analytics with old-school diligence. For this reason, we are choosy in hiring a team of self-driven marketing mavericks who are obsessed with meeting deadlines and targets.

Our team specializes in book-sales monitoring, social media campaigns, book marketing, digital promotion, and online noise creation, etc. This helps us cover all bases for authors as well as publishers, ultimately resulting in higher sales and greater revenue generation.

Book Marketing Services

Struggling to sell more books?

Online book distribution

Be it eBook uploading, metadata, cover art, or other complementary information, we help you get published on all major platforms like CreateSpace, Banes & Noble, Amazon, and Lulu.

Book Author website

In today’s cutthroat competitive environment, every author must have a professional, constantly updated website. We help you create one and populate it everything that is necessary for you to get noticed.

Amazon Book Listing Optimization

This is a time-tested way of growing your sales. Our insightful expertise in this time-tested way of growing book sales ensures your book is right up there in search rankings.

Digital Marketing Services

Leapfrog your sales where your readers are – Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, and other digital media platforms.

Don’t wait until someday to start publishing your own books.

Have an enviable online presence

Online marketing is no longer optional if you want your book read by a global audience.

Promoting is everything

The reason why we’re so confident about successfully promoting your books worldwide is backed by our experience in working with world-beaters like Kindle Direct Publishing and Amazon’s CreateSpace. Our unmatched book marketing services help you benefit from superbly curated marketing gems straight from those who know it better than anyone else! More importantly, we ensure our book marketing plan is perfect for YOU and YOUR goals. Because if it’s not, then you’re in the wrong place.

Make sure your book marketing plan works for YOU

A book marketing plan isn’t worth anything if it’s not right for you. Maybe you’re really active on social media, or maybe you write a popular blog, or maybe you’ve already started doing readings at local bookstores. Take your personality, locale, tendencies, and habits into account when evolving your marketing plan. It’s no good setting yourself the goal of doing ten in-person school visits if you live in rural Arkansas—but you can offer Skype visits!

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Testimonial author


Working with TrueEditors has been nothing short of a dream-come-true! I was literally guided like a caring partner who navigated my path in the journey of self-publishing. In addition to the excellent copy-editing work done on my manuscript, my dream of getting published in a hassle-free manner has come true. An absolute must for all authors- strongly recommended

Testimonial author


Joseph and Kurt went out of their way in helping me get my book published. They were professional, courteous, answered all my questions, and best of all- showered me with personal attention! My cover design was awesome too! I wouldn't think twice before recommending TrueEditors to any author.

Testimonial author


TrueEditors is an epitome of professionalism, competence, foresight, and proactive insights. They went above and beyond my publishing needs, even responding to my emergent communications, no matter what the hour. All my phone calls, emails, and chats were dealt with in a polite, proper manner. Not once did they give me an opportunity to complain. Look no further than them for all your manuscripts and publishing needs.

Testimonial author


Simply amazing! Your ability to read my mind and capture it perfectly never ceases to amaze me. Excellent is an understatement for what you’ve consistently done for me. Your proofreaders and editors are brilliant and generous. Thank you for everything you’re doing for me. You have a lifelong customer and admirer in me for sure!

Frequently Asked Questions

There are many ways of book promotion: offline/online hosting, giving advance copies, collaborating with other authors, launch parties, and maintaining presence on social media, websites, blogs, etc. Whatever you do, be consistent.
Yes, it is a very helpful approach since proper planning will ensure that everything you do until the actual date of publication very productive. It is a good idea to schedule several promotional activities just prior to your book launch. For instance, you can look to hold a blog tour or offer freebies on the website. Launching your book trailer is another great option to get you noticed because videos tend to become an instant hit on all social media sites. Another very underrated option is email marketing, which is a great way to spread the word around.
Unfortunately, conventional book publishers, barring a few of them, offer very little promotional activities for authors, which means the onus is on you as an author to devise an actionable and fruitful marketing strategy to boost your internet presence.
Authors can avail a plethora of options on Amazon. For example, they can benefit pricing promotions, slot their book genre in appropriate categories, and leverage reviews to grow their sales. If you want to solely focus on Amazon and still boost your reach, consider getting yourself enrolled in KDP select.
Don’t worry, that happens to a lot of authors, and it just goes to show that marketing has no expiry date (although timing is important). Just because your book is already out there in the market doesn’t mean you cannot do anything to promote it. As a case in point, consider offering free copies to your social media followers and get them to post reviews on Amazon in exchange. Believe it or not, the success of your book is directly proportional to the number of reviews you’re able to garner.