Self-Publishing Services

Our suite of additional services helps you take the final steps toward online distribution and printing. These include ISBN registration, barcode creation, online distribution on popular platforms, creation of a copyright page, writing of book reviews and creation of blurb.

You retain full copyright control and credit for your edited documents. TrueEditors never collects or shares your information, and we never store your documents without your permission.

Book Essential Services

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Copyright/Disclaimer Page

Our formatting experts meet international standards in crafting a perfectly formatted disclaimer/copyright page for your manuscript.

Author Profile

Getting a flawlessly written author profile is more important than you think it is! We do what it takes to get you on the ‘A’ list.

ISBN Registration

We help you attain the ISBN necessary to feature prominently on online publication platforms like Barnes & Noble, Amazon, and Lulu, to name a few.

Blurb Writing

We write attention-grabbing blurb to pique your readers’ curiosity quotient.

Barcode Creation

Distribute a printed/physical copy by transforming your book’s International Standard Book Number (ISBN) into an industry-level barcode.

Book Review Writing

Our incisive book review gives your readers a bird’s eye view of what makes your book worth reading – be it your voice, style, approach, content, and unique strengths!

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Authors Reviews

Don't believe us? Not a problem. We let you (our clients) do the talking!

Testimonial author


Working with TrueEditors has been nothing short of a dream-come-true! I was literally guided like a caring partner who navigated my path in the journey of self-publishing. In addition to the excellent copy-editing work done on my manuscript, my dream of getting published in a hassle-free manner has come true. An absolute must for all authors- strongly recommended

Testimonial author


Joseph and Kurt went out of their way in helping me get my book published. They were professional, courteous, answered all my questions, and best of all- showered me with personal attention! My cover design was awesome too! I wouldn't think twice before recommending TrueEditors to any author.

Testimonial author


TrueEditors is an epitome of professionalism, competence, foresight, and proactive insights. They went above and beyond my publishing needs, even responding to my emergent communications, no matter what the hour. All my phone calls, emails, and chats were dealt with in a polite, proper manner. Not once did they give me an opportunity to complain. Look no further than them for all your manuscripts and publishing needs.

Testimonial author


Simply amazing! Your ability to read my mind and capture it perfectly never ceases to amaze me. Excellent is an understatement for what you’ve consistently done for me. Your proofreaders and editors are brilliant and generous. Thank you for everything you’re doing for me. You have a lifelong customer and admirer in me for sure!

Frequently Asked Questions

This important page includes critical information relating to, edition, copyright, publication, printing history, legal notices, ISBN and cataloging data. Other commonly listed information includes the year of printing, production, credits for design, illustration and editing.
A blurb is the short summary of your work, typically found or a website, an Amazon page or the back of your book. Consider this as your one shot to get your sales pitch right, because this is what will eventually decide whether your book gets taken off the shelf or is kept as is.
Let’s face it. Most of us would gladly pen a few lines about our lives and share it with the entire world to get noticed. But as always, there’s more to it than meets the eye. The manner in which an author profile is crafted can influence how your readers perceive you and your credibility as an author.
Because it is very necessary to have a barcode and ISBN number to distribute a printed or physical copy, thus solidifying your image as a credible author. It also helps you to score well on the publication front.
Registering for ISBN is as easy as 1, 2, 3...! This one-time mechanism obviates the need for book publisher to seek renewal for registration. The ISBN number helps identify all relevant details of your book.
It sure is! Book review writing is an effective way of spreading the word about your book (whether it’s a hit or miss) and build expectations. No matter what the platform, it’s paramount for the review to be insightful for new readers so that they look forward to your page-turner.