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It doesn’t matter if you’re an amateur/first-time writer or a celebrated author, the benefits of having your manuscript undergo an in-depth line edit are unmatched. A competent line editor will tighten up loose ends of your story – which includes the manner in which your paragraphs are structured to how your story’s timeline is handled way.

Critically, a line editor does what it takes to make sure that the pacing of your story is right, flows well, maintains consistency of tone and tense, and is able to keep the reader hooked from the time they begin reading to the time they complete the book.

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Why makes line editing an unmissable step?

Line editing takes care of vital issues like sentence flow, structure of paragraphs, choice of words, overall story presentation, and consistency of tone. Unlike a developmental editor who will primarily focus on your manuscript’s content, a line editor takes care of punctuation, spelling, grammar, structural cogence, etc.

Line editing versus copyediting

Although line editing encompasses edits for grammar issues, misspelled words, and common errors, line editors may incorporate changes which need revisions, which often end up introducing new typos. It is for this reason that several rounds of editing are a strongly recommended process.

Making the preparations

Before submitting your work for detailed line editing, you may want to be sure that you’re reasonably satisfied with your book’s overall flow, plot, and pacing. This is because line editing is best at polishing a sentence structure that’s already robust. If you’re convinced that your work needs a complete rework in terms of the aforementioned points, you may want to opt for developmental edit so that you can clearly identify areas requiring new content.

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Working with TrueEditors has been nothing short of a dream-come-true! I was literally guided like a caring partner who navigated my path in the journey of self-publishing. In addition to the excellent copy-editing work done on my manuscript, my dream of getting published in a hassle-free manner has come true. An absolute must for all authors- strongly recommended

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Joseph and Kurt went out of their way in helping me get my book published. They were professional, courteous, answered all my questions, and best of all- showered me with personal attention! My cover design was awesome too! I wouldn't think twice before recommending TrueEditors to any author.

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TrueEditors is an epitome of professionalism, competence, foresight, and proactive insights. They went above and beyond my publishing needs, even responding to my emergent communications, no matter what the hour. All my phone calls, emails, and chats were dealt with in a polite, proper manner. Not once did they give me an opportunity to complain. Look no further than them for all your manuscripts and publishing needs.

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Simply amazing! Your ability to read my mind and capture it perfectly never ceases to amaze me. Excellent is an understatement for what you’ve consistently done for me. Your proofreaders and editors are brilliant and generous. Thank you for everything you’re doing for me. You have a lifelong customer and admirer in me for sure!

Frequently Asked Questions

Usually, they are expected to leave suggestions/recommendations/corrections that enhance the overall flow of your work besides spotting story-line inconsistencies, suggest ways of enhancing the plot, eradicating continuity errors, and ensuring the story is being written exactly how you want it to shape up. In addition to doing all this, our line editors outline elaborate editorial letters expounding common edits and offering practical ways of strengthening your manuscript. These letters help you better understand your strengths and weaknesses as a writer, which goes a long way in establishing your credibility as an author.
We typically use MS Word’s Track Changes feature to leave suggestions, comments, and recommendations in your manuscript. Thus, you may want to send us your manuscript in a Word format. Although we do not rule out using PDF files, it’s not very east to offer the in-depth editorial feedback that will transform the quality of your manuscript when working with PDF files.
Not necessarily. Line editors realize the need to maintaining the unique voice of a writer and identify ways of supporting his/her personal style throughout the manuscript – be it languid/detailed sentences or maintaining succinctness. A line edit basically ensures your book becomes everything you expect it to become.
Some editors choose to charge based on the hours they put in while working on a manuscript, which basically means you don’t get the complete picture about how much the editing process will cost till it is over. At TrueEditors, we charge by the word because this allows you to know exactly what your project costs before we begin the work. Our rates can vary based on the intensiveness of the editing process and the time an editor will need to put in while working on the project. Therefore, a copyedit costs less than a line edit, which, in turn, costs less than a development edit.
Multiple rounds of editing are a highly recommended process that helps ensure that the manuscript is as well-written and grammatically perfect as possible to. Believe it or not, the majority of published books are edited 7-9 times before being published, which is why we offer some special editorial packages whereby we cover multiple editing rounds at a significant discount.