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Seeking an expert to spot the minutest of misspelled words, typos, and grammatical errors? If yes, then look no further than another round of copyediting.

Line Editing

Keen to improve plot, characterization, organization, or pacing? Not sure how whether grammar/ spelling and other high-stake aspects are taken care of? If yes, then your search ends with line editing.

Developmental Editing

Struggling to turn your rough draft into a finished product? Developmental editing is ideal for those who will leave no stone unturned in getting their manuscript publication-ready and reader-friendly.


Want to further polish your work before you getting it ready to print? Avail our proofreading services now so that your manuscript is bereft of any typos, grammatical issues or misspellings.

Affordable book editing services

Want help fructifying your ingenious ideas? We offer varying stages of book editing services based on your specific goals and budgets. No matter what you need, we have a service that meets it perfectly.


This service combs your manuscript by eliminating any punctuation, spelling and grammar errors. Which makes it ideal if you’re looking for an extra pair of eyes to eradicate any anomalies that prevents your book from being a bestseller.

Developmental Editing

Developmental editing is ideal for those who like to dive deep into the manuscript, unravelling hidden layers of the story you’re eager to share with the world. Developmental editing bridges the gap between book from ‘great’ to ‘excellent’, making it ready to print.

Line Editing

Line editing goes a couple of notches higher. Besides rectifying basic writing mistakes, line editing covers the nuances of higher-level aspects by helping you with plot, pacing, dialogues, twists & turns, characterization, etc.


Confident that your book is print-ready? It may well be, but it doesn’t hurt to safeguard your most prized possession – your credibility. The last thing you want to do is to pay extra money to address errors caught by your fan base post-publishing.

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Testimonial author


Working with TrueEditors has been nothing short of a dream-come-true! I was literally guided like a caring partner who navigated my path in the journey of self-publishing. In addition to the excellent copy-editing work done on my manuscript, my dream of getting published in a hassle-free manner has come true. An absolute must for all authors- strongly recommended

Testimonial author


Joseph and Kurt went out of their way in helping me get my book published. They were professional, courteous, answered all my questions, and best of all- showered me with personal attention! My cover design was awesome too! I wouldn't think twice before recommending TrueEditors to any author.

Testimonial author


TrueEditors is an epitome of professionalism, competence, foresight, and proactive insights. They went above and beyond my publishing needs, even responding to my emergent communications, no matter what the hour. All my phone calls, emails, and chats were dealt with in a polite, proper manner. Not once did they give me an opportunity to complain. Look no further than them for all your manuscripts and publishing needs.

Testimonial author


Simply amazing! Your ability to read my mind and capture it perfectly never ceases to amaze me. Excellent is an understatement for what you’ve consistently done for me. Your proofreaders and editors are brilliant and generous. Thank you for everything you’re doing for me. You have a lifelong customer and admirer in me for sure!

Frequently Asked Questions

It really depends on the level and depth of editing you’re looking for. As a thumb rule, the cost is directly proportional to the level of editing your book requires because it means that the editor would have to spend that much time more making it perfect. At TrueEditors, we take pride in offering transparent and affordable pricing packages. For more information on our pricing, reach out to us now.
This again, varies based on factors like the expertise required for your topic, the editor’s experience and other content-related elements. However, when working with us, you can be sure of placing your book in the safest hands possible by eliminating guesswork and conjectures from the equation. We pair you with an editor who’s an expert in your subject or genre. Most importantly, we offer transparent and easy prices, so you ‘not left guessing how much you’d need to spend.
A number of things: They spot/fix grammar mess-ups, typos, punctuation mistakes, and a lot more. They also go one step further by offering suggestions on bettering your plot, characterization, or a given argument. Regardless of whether your work line editing or a developmental edit, our editors do what it takes to make your books sell more.
Because we give a lot more than personal attention to every single manuscript. Our award-winning editors are experienced working with established publishing houses, and some of the authors who’ve reached out to us have gone on to become bestsellers! We ensue strict compliance with the likes of The Chicago Manual of Style and APA, to name a few. Our quality-check system entails multiple rounds of editing to ensure best in-class accuracy and quality.
In today's ultra-competitive publication market, many rounds of manuscript editing (7-10 times on average) a non-negotiable because it is pivotal for the success of your book and more importantly, your reputation. Properly edited books sell more, elicit better reviews, and garner a loyal audience who keep waiting for your next release.